Professional Cleaning Services

Quality cleaning for your home space, work space, and school space.

We clean each environment with an eye for detail, a heart for care,

and hands for tidy organization.

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Full Service Residential & Commercial Cleaning


Our team is made up of Level 1 certified employees, and quality people who are vetted from the top down.


We’ve been in the business of serving the Arizona valley for over 19 years. We’re proud to say we have this whole cleaning thing down to a science!

Quality Care

We care for each space as if it were our own, providing exceptional cleaning specific to the setting.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We promise to provide you with exceptional cleaning services. If you’re unhappy with our work, let us know. We will work hard to make it right.

Professional Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Outdoor Furniture

Laundry Services

Trash Removal

Dish Washing

Move In & Out Cleaning

Dry Cleaning

Appliance Deep Clean

Happy Customers

“Our contracted custodian through Casa Bonitas is amazing and we have yet to have a negative experience with him. He is always available, whether it be a scheduled appointment or a last minute change in plans. He truly relieves so much stress in the setting up and breaking down of our events each week.”

“Our housekeeper from Casas Bonitas is amazingggg! She always goes above and beyond when it comes to cleaning our home. I love how she picks up on all the little details that previous cleaning ladies would completely overlook. 10/10 recommend!”

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How do I get started with Casas Bonitas cleaning services?

To get started please fill out the contact form to the left. Someone will then reach out to you to schedule an appointment to come out and assess the space. During our assessment we will go through the work requested for each room. After the assessment we will provide you with a quote to complete the requested cleaning services. 

What type of commercial spaces do you clean?

We’re so happy you asked! We provide services for offices, schools, and medical facilities. If the space you’re inquiring about isn’t listed here, reach out to us and we’ll see what we can do!

I don’t see pricing listed, how much would a cleaning cost?

Pricing for our cleaning services vary depending on the size of the space, level of cleaning required, and several other factors. We create customized packages tailored to your specific needs. Please contact us and we’ll send someone out to provide you with a quote.

Do you charge a fee for a residential estimate?

Yes, we do. We charge a flat fee of $50. This cost covers having someone from our team arrive on property and provide you with an estimate. If you decide to move forward with us (Which we so hope you do!) the $50 cost for the quote will go to your first cleaning.

How long does a residential cleaning typically take?

Our services typically take a minimum of four hours to complete. Of course this varies depending on the amount of cleaning requested, the size of the space, etc. We will include a projected time estimate in our quote.

Do you work alone or with a team?

For our commercial customers, we build out a custom team specific to your cleaning project. Our team will always show up with a minimum of two people to clean the space. This helps us work effectively and efficiently!

For our residential customers, we typically provide the first cleaning with two sets of hands. After that initial house cleaning, we will assign your very own homekeeper who will come to your house for regular house cleanings.

Do you conduct employee background checks?

Absolutely! All of our employees hold a State Issued Level One fingerprint card – which includes an FBI background check. In addition, all employees are e-verified, and we as a company are completely bonded and insured.


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