5 Benefits of a Professionally Cleaned Classroom

Nov 18, 2020 | Commercial Services

A professionally cleaned classroom can have countless benefits for students, teachers and other school faculty. On average, these groups spend 6-7 hours at school each day. That adds up to hundreds of hours per school year. So, it’s important that those classrooms are well looked after and thoroughly cleaned.

In this post, we’ll explore 5 ways a clean classroom can have a profound impact on how students and teachers learn, grow and connect in the classroom.

A Better Learning Experience

First, investing in a clean classroom can provide a better learning experience to students. For example, there are many studies on factors that effect how a student learns. One study identifies distractions as a hinderance to education. Sure, you might be thinking of distractions as friends talking over a lesson, or a student glancing at their phone. And you’re right! But, classroom cleanliness (or lack thereof) can also become a distraction for students. So, if you want to optimize your school’s learning environment, professional classroom cleaning is the way to go.

Less Student Sick Days

In a typical school day, students and staff can come into contact with countless illness-causing germs. Germs like this can spread a number of ways, whether it’s through shared surfaces or close proximity to others. But, there are ways to stop these germs in their tracks. One of the best ways to do this is by scheduling professional routine cleaning and disinfecting. Frequent classroom cleanings can kill illness-causing germs, and protect students from getting sick. Less sick days means more learning time for students and less time spent trying to get caught up.

Healthier, Happier Teachers and Faculty

It’s a student’s job to go to school, do their homework and learn all they can. It’s a teachers job to be in charge of that learning. So, it’s important that teachers do their best work possible. This starts with being healthy and happy in their work environment. Maintaining a clean and sanitized classroom is a great way to encourage health and happiness in teachers and faculty. Regular professional cleanings can reduce exposure to illness causing germs. It can even improve the every day workflow of a teacher. For example, a well maintained classroom can free up the time a teacher would have spent cleaning. Thus, giving teachers more time to teach and build relationships with their students.

Extended Lifetime of Furniture, Books, and Other Classroom Tools

At Casas Bonitas, our cleaning routines are tailored specifically to your needs. This means we can provide as much care as your school requires – even down to desks and technology. In fact, frequent professional cleanings of classroom items can help preserve them and lengthen their life span. This ensures that your investment in school furnishings, educational tools and equipment goes as far as possible.

Foster Success and a Sense of School Pride

A well maintained classroom shows care and respect for a school’s overall learning environment. When students see that classrooms are clean, they’ll know that they can take pride in their surroundings. When students know their bathrooms and shared surfaces are routinely disinfected, they can feel safe and supported in their surroundings. When a sense of safety is paired with a sense of pride in their learning environment, there’s no limit to the success students can experience.

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