Our Story

Serving the Valley for 19 years and counting!

Casas Bonitas was founded in 2001 by Darcie Saunders, with the help of her Father and her Grandmother. 

Over the years, Casas has grown into a highly skilled and customer-experience focused company offering commercial and residential cleaning services along with a handful of specialty services.

For Darcie and the Casas Bonitas team, every job is a unique opportunity provide outstanding service to our clients and to truly prove our value as a business. Our client relationships are of the highest importance to us, which is why we will always go above and beyond to clean, maintain and care for the spaces that matter most to you.   

Founder of Casas Bonitas

Darcie Saunders

How Casas Bonitas Got It’s Start

Casas Bonitas was founded on hard work, determination to succeed, and the desire to provide the very best service possible to her customers. 

When Darcie was growing up, her grandmother was a housekeeper and Darcie was able to get a first-hand look at the industry from a young age. She immediately saw that there were so many different ways of living and knew that when she grew up, she wanted the ability to make any life style possible for her and her family.

As Darcie grew up and started working, she saw how much she had to offer the cleaning and housekeeping industry. So, in college, with the help of her father, she quit her job and started her own company – Casas Bonitas. From that point on, Darcie has put her heart and soul into her business. Every day, Darcie uses her unique talents and abilities to shape a cleaning company that outshines all other competition.

Now, Darcie is now able to make the life she has always wanted for her family, while helping her clients do the same for their homes, businesses, and other important spaces.

Casas Bonitas was founded with a commitment to customer service excellence and high-quality work. Customers keep coming back time and time again because Darcie makes sure these core values always remain – every job, every customer, every time.


Our core values of customer service excellence and high quality work will always remain.

Every job, every customer, every time.

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