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They say professionalism is lost in the 21st century, and dare to preserve this attribute in the working culture. Pull your hair back, button up your shirt, and get ready to work! With your clipboard in hand, we invite you to show up as your best-self and aim to provide customers with exceptional service. 


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Come Grow with Us !

At Casas Bonitas, we’re focused on customer-service excellence. So, it’s important to us that we hire motivated, hard-working employees with the desire to grow as people and professionals.

If you’re looking for a company that recognizes the true value of their people, and you want to learn from the best in the business, then look no further!

We’re Focused on Your Future

So many employers focus only on the “now.” At Casas Bonitas, we invest in the personal and professional growth of our team, by focusing on the future.

We’ve even created a special leadership coaching program for our employees that show initiative in leadership. In the program, we teach important business skills, then place those employees into positions where they can learn and grow.

Over the years, many of the employees we’ve coached have had amazing success. They’ve become managers at Casas Bonitas, started their own businesses, and even sub-contracted their services back to us!


We Go Above and Beyond for Our Team

We go above and beyond for our clients, but we do the same for our employees, too.  When you work for Casas Bonitas, you can always expect things like:

• Above average wages across the industry

• Personalized training, and attention from the team whenever you need it

A turn over rate that is almost non-existent.

We highly value our employees, encourage open communication and treat every member of our team with the respect they deserve.

Get Recognized For Your Work and Build Relationships

Our clients love our results and are thrilled to always see the same smiling, and well-trained faces, every day. As an extension of the business, you have the freedom to find creative ways to go above and beyond for the client.

The more you get to know the clients, the better you can serve them. And, when your work gets good reviews, we make sure those efforts are acknowledged, celebrated, and rewarded. 

Meet the Owners,

Sean & Darcie Saunders

Casas Bonitas is owned and operated by two incredibly kind business entrepreneurs, Darcie and Sean Saunders. They attribute their success to learning from their fellow entrepreneurs. The both of them have compiled all their knowledge, wisdom, skills, and put them together into their million-dollar business, Casas Bonitas.  

As a way to express their gratitude to the ones who walk before them, they pay this principle of sharing knowledge forward to every person they encounter. 

The team at Casas Bonitas has experienced this first hand. Their Staff Supervisor Giovanni said “Darcie saw something in me. And once she did, she took my hand and taught me everything I needed to know to start my own business. She never once held back and answered every question I had for her. It surprised me how open a business owner could be, but I’m so grateful for the conversations we’ve had.” 

A Message from Darcie

The presence of Darcie Saunders and her team put the “ing” in empowering! The people who make up Casas Bonitas are those who share inspiring stories of growth in their career and in their lives. The executive team encourages those around them to be braver, strive for better, and achieve more than they ever dreamed possible. “What’s holding you back?” Darcie often asks. And to those who answer she says “I’m here to strip away your excuses and leave you with a choice, success or failure.”


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